Goody’s believes in giving back to the community and supporting local organizations and groups whenever possible.

Each year we receive many requests from individuals and organizations.  Since there are more requests than we can fulfill, we focus on organizations that advocate in the interests of children, education and cancer.  However, Goody’s offers fundraising opportunities for all organizations.

If your organization meets these donation requirements, please fill out the form below.  Because our goodies are handmade fresh in our factory store, please submit your proposal at least three months prior to the date you need the donation.  This will allow us to factor your request into our production schedule and provide you with your donation items when you need them.  If you are unable to provide the three months lead time, you may still fill out the form below but in the special requests box let us know about the circumstances around the shorter time line.  We’ll see what we can do!  In any event, we will notify the submitting person or organization regarding approval within three weeks.

~ Thank you for choosing Goody’s!

Donation Request


Thank you for your interest in working with Goody’s for your next fundraiser!

Goody’s has been helping schools and organizations fundraise for 25 years.  Our handmade chocolates and specialty popcorn are affordable, delicious and easy to sell.  Our award winning candy is a favorite among Central Oregon residents and tourists.

Whether you are a graduation party committee, a band going on a field trip, a PTA earning new playground equipment, or a youth group heading on a mission, Goody’s has the fundraiser for you!  Goody’s fundraising eliminates the need for extra inventory and leftover items that you cannot sell.  We only give you what you have pre-sold, which, combined with the generous 40% profit margin, makes Goody’s the perfect fundraising promotion!

Here’s how it works!

  1. Choose a box of chocolate or bag of specialty popcorn (based upon the price point you believe will benefit you the most through sales and profit).  Your organization pays 60% of the retail cost of the item.  For example, if you choose a $20.00 box of chocolates, Goody’s sells the box to your organization for $12.00, your organization sells each box for $20.00, making a profit of $8.00 per box.
  2. Pre-sell with Goody’s flyers
  3. We fill the orders and ship to your organization
  4. You deliver the product to your customers

To get started, please fill out the form below.  Because our chocolate and specialty popcorn are handmade fresh in our Bend factory store, please provide three months from the date you submit your request until the end date of your fundraiser so that we may provide your fundraising items to you when you need them!  If you cannot provide that lead time, please let us know in the special requests box below and we will notify the submitting person or organization regarding whether we can fulfill the request.

Fundraiser Request

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