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Goodys Chocolates

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Thank you for your interest in selling Goody’s candy in your fundraiser. Goody’s has been helping schools and organizations fundraise for 25 years. Our handmade ice cream, chocolates, caramel corn, and resale candy are affordable, delicious, and easy to sell. Our award winning candy is a favorite among Central Oregon residents and tourists.

To get started, the easiest thing for your organization to do is pick a box of chocolate and price point that you would like and order that way. This can be done in four easy steps:
1. Choose a box of chocolate (based upon the price point you believe will benefit you the most through sales and profit). Organization pays 60% of the retail cost of the item. Using a $20.00 box as an example: The box cost is $20.00. Goody’s sells to the organization for $12.00. The organization sells each box for $20.00, making a profit of $8.00 per box.
2. Pre-sell with Goody’s flyers
3. We fill the orders and ship to your organization
4. You deliver them to your customers

Whether you are a graduation party committee, a band going on a trip, a PTA earning new playground equipment, or a youth group headed on a mission, Goody’s has the fundraiser for you! Goody’s fundraising eliminates the need for extra inventory and leftover items that you cannot sell. We only give to you what you have pre-sold, which, combined with the generous 40 percent profit margin, makes Goody’s the perfect fundraising promotion.

We look forward to working with you and your organization to achieve your fundraising goals.

Please contact Goody’s at (541) 385-7085 to begin scheduling your fundraising date.